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Music Guidelines

We don't have many other rules, just some guidelines to save both of us a lot of time
and to help make sure that your stuff gets played on the air:

- Submitted music must be your own original work, meaning you and/or your band wrote the song.
- For music submitted to be played, lyrics should have NO profanity.  Period.  This is real radio, sorry. 
We may even have to request a lyric sheet of the song you want us to play prior to it getting airplay.
- Production value of your music is important – don't settle for a junky mix! 
One of the biggest reasons that some independent music that artists submit doesn't get airplay
is because of a rushed mix, levels are all over the place, etc. 
Be sure to submit your best mix!
Your stuff should be of the same kind of clarity as other songs you hear on the radio.

Other than that, that's it!  The Indie Music Channel is truly here to get your music heard and to help local, independent artists like you get radio play. 

You keep making it, and we'll keep playing it!  So submit your music and let's get it on the air!  


Congratulations to our growing list of Indie Music Channel artists 
who are getting airplay rotation through our network of top radio stations!

You must also be a member of

How to Submit Your Music


You MUST be a member of the Indie Music Channel to receive airplay consideration 

Due to the number of CD's received, CD's sent in for consideration CANNOT BE RETURNED.

To add your music to our play list,
please read the info below:


- We want to play your music, bottom line.  What you need to know, though, is that we have LOTS of music to listen to so it may take some time to check it out, but we really will listen to it. For sure, no lie!

- Because we receive a lot of songs, we aren't gonna be able to provide feedback, evaluations or info as to if we received it. 
If it is a song that is selected for our playlist, we will for sure contact you enough ahead of time so that you can be sure to hear it on the radio or online, and so that you will be able to let your family and friends know to listen for your music, too. 

We may even contact you and do an interview with you "on the air", so you can give some background info about your music!

So, here's how to submit your music:

#1) Complete the form below

2) After you fill out this form, email an mp3 (no other file format) of your copyrighted music  (your submission MUST be your original work). 
The email address to send it to is on the next page after you complete this form. 

Please, do not "snail mail" your music unless we request it. 
We have enough CDs laying around.  All we need in order to put your music on the air is pull it from your mp3. 
Plus, we prefer that you keep the CD and sell it and make some money off of it!

If you must "snail mail" it, send it to:

Metro Media Group, Inc
c/o Sunset Gower Studios
1438 N. Gower St.  Box #27
Hollywood, California  90028

Please do not send us any press kits.  We have no use for those, either.  Save those for record labels, agents, mangers, etc.

If your music is chosen for air play,  you will be contacted via email as to the air date and station(s) that your music will be played.  

Get Radio Airplay!
The Indie Music Channel is pleased to offer
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just  for artists of the Indie Music Channel!

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Radio listeners can even click on the time line and listen to a clip of your song, watch your music video and/or buy your track directly from iTunes!

Track your airplay on the radio station's playlist!
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Indie Music Channel artists photos and songs are also featured on the phone apps of our radio stations around the country!
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