"Aunt Molly & Friends" is the new, hit weekly TV series
designed to educate and entertain kids ages 5 to 11 years old!

Each episode of "Aunt Molly & Friends" is taped in front of a live studio audience entirely of kids from the local area who get the chance to see exotic animals up close, create really fun arts and crafts, sing songs, learn important life topics and more!

The TV show recently launched an online radio station featuring music specifically geared towards young listeners!

See a clip for the show below!

On the NBC station in Omaha, "Aunt Molly & Friends" is beating
"Fox News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace", 
‚Äčand has more than 10x the number of kids watching than "Arthur" on PBS!
Rentrak 6/15/14 - 7/13/14

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