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Emmy Award winner
​Christopher Ewing
President and founder of the Indie Music Channel and the Indie Music Hall Of Fame

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A message from Christopher:

As an independent artist, I’m sure you have made great music, for years, and yet you find yourself scratching your head wondering why you seem to not be getting where you want to be.

As a music executive and syndicated radio DJ, etc., I see the industry from the flip side, from 'behind-the-scenes' if you will, and it always amazes me that a lot of executives don’t spend the time educating indie artists on what we are looking for when it comes to radio airplay or signing a record deal or getting booked to perform.  It's like this hidden secret that is kept from artists, leaving them to spin their wheels wondering how to crack through!  It's ridiculous!

That’s why, periodically, I'm able to set aside time to work with artists, one-on-one, to help educate them on how to get their music career to the next level and teach them some of the tips and tricks as to what it takes to get ahead in this business. Hundreds of artists have learned from these tips and, after taking one of our consultations, artists, managers, "mama-gers & papa-gers", always say to me: 

- "I wish I had learned this stuff sooner!"

- "How come no one ever tells us artists this stuff?"

- "Christopher, please, you need to do more of these consultations and seminars because artists need to know this stuff!"

and so on. 

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Emmy Award winner
​Christopher Ewing
President and founder of the Indie Music Channel and the Indie Music Hall Of Fame

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