"Indie Music Cafe Local Artist Promotion" Terms & Conditions: 

By clicking on the "Submit" button on the Indie Music Cafe Local Artist Promotion Submission Form, I confirm that I am granting permission for Metro Media Group and their television broadcast “Indie Music Cafe”, to place my/my band's image, along with a link to my/our website on the show’s website, as well as partnering TV stations and radio stations (terrestrial and/or internet).  I agree and confirm that the link that I provide to them is to a website that we own or have a right to use and that we will not use the link to our website to promote any illegal or unethical purpose or activities.  I understand that this opportunity is strictly provided to me as a courtesy through the above mentioned entities as a way to help me promote my/my band's music career. I understand that I am not required to pay for this opportunity nor will I be paid for this opportunity. I also understand that this opportunity may be removed at any time by Metro Media Group and "Indie Music Cafe" for any reason, and that I may request to have my image and link removed at any time.  In short, I understand that this is just a really cool opportunity that Metro Media Group and Indie Music Cafe are doing to help promote artists like myself and/or my band.   By clicking on the "Submit" button on this form, I confirm my agreement with the above mentioned terms and conditions.

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