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Artist Performance Submission Form for the

- This performance opportunity is FREE - you don't pay us, we don't pay you.  
This is a performance opportunity only open to artists who have submitted music for awards consideration
for the 2017 Indie Music Channel Awards to have the chance to perform on stage at this iconic venue.

- There is 1 main performance stage at Troubadour
​so performance slots are VERY limited.

- Artists chosen to perform will be allowed to play at least 1 song (5 minutes max). 
If time permits following the awards ceremony, artists may be able to play additional songs.

- This is an "All Ages" event, so no profane lyrics or dialog permitted while on stage.

- All songs performed MUST be originals, no covers.

​Backline will be provided, which includes:
- Amps, Drums

- Artists performing must bring their own guitars, pedals and drum sticks.

No modification of any of the supplied instruments will be permitted at all!!

Performance Consideration:

- All songs to be performed MUST be originals and MUST be in the
​music player on your Indie Music Channel page for evaluation.

- All artists submitting to perform during the Awards will be chosen based upon the songs they wish to perform. 
Artists of all genres are eligible to perform.
- Because many of the artists participating in the IMC Artist Summit are very serious about their music careers
​and make performing live on stage a major part of their music careers,
artists participating in the IMC Artist Summit will receive priority consideration 
for performing

during the Awards at Troubadour, although participation in the IMC Artist Summit
​does not guarantee an artist the opportunity to perform at the Awards.