This performance opportunity is only open to artists who are members of the Indie Music Channel.

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The "Indie Music Channel - Live" will be taped in front of an audience

and broadcast around the world on television on the Indie Music Channel on Roku!

Singers and bands of all genres from around the world who are members of the Indie Music Channel

are welcome to submit for this awesome opportunity!

Performance Information: 

- Complete backline provided, including speakers, amps and drum kit! Just bring your guitars and sticks!

- This is not a "Pay-to-Play" opportunity! Not only is there is no charge for you to perform, 
you actually have the chance to make money to perform! 

- You can perform up to 3 songs in your initial set.  
If time permits, you will be able to perform 2 additional songs. 

- Artists chosen to perform can also receive a copy of their performance to have as a music video,
post on their website or EPK, and more! 

- Artists will be allowed to sell merchandise (CDs, tee shirts, etc.) and keep 100% of the proceeds!

Performance Consideration:

- All songs to be performed MUST be in your music player on your Indie Music Channel page for evaluation.  
You will be notified by email if you have been chosen to perform.  

- Artists of all genres are eligible to perform!

- Artists chosen to perform are responsible for all of their travel costs 
associated with getting to the venue in Los Angeles, California (i.e. air fare, hotel, food, etc.) 

- If you are chosen to perform, you MUST be in the Los Angeles area 
at least 48 hours prior to your performance.

- No profane lyrics or dialog is permitted while on stage.

- All songs performed MUST be originals, no covers.  

- Songs MUST be performed with live instrumentation
(no singing to CDs or tracks, however, backing loops are permitted within reason
as support to live instruments). 

Television Show Taping 



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