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By clicking on the "Submit" button below, I confirm that I am granting permission for my image and/or music to be featured and played on the "Indie Music Cafe" TV show, as well as radio and video programs partnering with the show.   I understand that this show will be played on broadcast television stations, as well as terrestrial and/or internet radio website stations.  I agree and confirm that the content that I am submitting is an original work created by me and/or I have permission and legal right from the owner of such to enter into this agreement.   By clicking on the "Submit" button above, I understand that my music may be played on the air of numerous radio and TV station broadcast signals, as well as their internet stream,  around the world,  and it may also be used in promotions for the "Indie Music Cafe" TV show, Indie Music Channel and/or its radio and TV partners.  I confirm that I am the owner of the publishing rights, and the copyright, for the content that I am submitting and that Metro Media Group, Inc., the "Indie Music Cafe" TV show, the Indie Music Channel, and/or their associated radio and TV station broadcasters will not owe me, or anyone associated with my music or image, including, but not limited to, my other band members, my musicians, my record label, my agent. my manager and/or my publisher, any money for playing and/or promoting my music as a result of my submission and airing.   I understand that this is an "airplay for exposure" exchange and that my submission does not automatically guarantee inclusion or acceptance for placement and/or airplay.  I further agree and acknowledge that if any of my songs that are being submitted here are registered with ASCAP, BMI or any other performance rights organization, I fully waive my rights to the collection of any and all fees and/or compensation associated with any performance rights organizations, music licensing organizations, etc., as it pertains to airplay on the above mentioned show(s), production(s) and/or opportunities.  I also understand that just by virtue of me and/or my band being paid members of the Indie Music Channel does not guarantee that my submission will be accepted for any airplay of any kind.  Metro Media Group, Inc.,  the Indie Music Channel and their associated radio station and TV station broadcasters take pride in selecting and playing songs and featuring artists based, solely, on the merit and talent of the artist submitting their music for airplay.  It is understood that all songs and videos must meet certain professional broadcasting criteria and Metro Media Group, Inc., the Indie Music Channel and their associated radio station and TV station broadcasters reserve the right to refuse any song for any reason.  Metro Media Group, Inc., the "Indie Music Cafe" TV show, the Indie Music Channel refuse to participate in, or condone, any form of payola!  

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Have a huge gig coming up?  Headed into the studio to record a new CD?   Are you making news?

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We may feature you on our new TV show, "Indie Music Cafe", as well as a series of video news briefs
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