The cost for production of your radio commercial

is at the special rate of  $200.00 (Reg. $275)

The production cost includes:
- Voiceover narration
- Editing of the commercial
- Complimentary airings on Indie Music Channel radio productions
- Assistance in getting your commercial placed on radio stations
(commercial airtime is additional and may be billed separately by the radio stations)

Radio Commercial Production Form

Whether you are an artist or a local business owner, promote yourself with your own radio commercial!
​Your radio commercial can be heard on radio stations across the country, and around the world!

Advertise your next gig or your new CD!

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Promote yourself and reach new fans of your music 
with your own radio commercial!

The production of your radio commercial will be "broadcast-ready" to air on
major radio stations everywhere!

Increase your fan base faster by reaching tens of millions of listeners,
and potential new fans, instantly!

You will own all rights to the commercial and can air it anywhere, anytime!

  • "Counting Sheep" CD Radio Commercial 60.mp31:00

Reach tens of millions of listeners, and potentially new fans, INSTANTLY!
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