To order your award, please complete the form below.  
The cost is $45, which includes engraving, shipping and handling in the US.
​($70 Canada, $85 all other countries) 

If you need a duplicate trophy for additional band members, producers,
​sponsors, etc., please fill out a separate form.  

​To order your trophy, please complete the form below:

2017 Radio Music Awards

Best Country Artist
John Smith
"Title of Song"

2017 Radio Music Awards Order Form

Congratulations on winning during the 2017 Radio Music Awards!  

If you are interested in ordering a trophy for your win, please complete the form below.

The trophy is an acrylic trophy that stands upright.

The main trophy inscription will read:

2017 Radio Music Awards

Along with a bronze plate stating the category you won in,

your name and the title of your winning song!