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Examples of TV Commercials promoting your songs, CD, or gig 

This is an example of taking your already existing music videos,

and incorporating them into a television commercial.

TV commercials are a MUST for all successful businesses wanting to promote their products.  

As an independent artist, you are no different.  You have a business (your music career) and a product to sell (your music).  ​With a TV commercial you can stand out as a popular artist or band

and capture the attention of millions of potential fans in just :60 seconds! 

The Indie Music Channel and its founder, Christopher Ewing, are dedicated to helping independent artists promote themselves and their music.  That's why, whether you are a solo artist or a band, we have developed an affordable way for independent singers and bands like you to be able to promote yourself and your music with your very own

television commercial!

Specifically designed for artists who are serious about their music career,

this is a great opportunity to grow their fan base by getting their music in front of as many people as possible.


With your own TV commercial, you can reach tens of millions of households, and potential new fans, 

INSTANTLY on some of the BIGGEST shows on television!

Television Commercial Production for Independent Artists!

Independent artists!  

You can have your very own, fully produced, TV commercial promoting yourself and your music!

This is an example of offering viewers

a free giveaway in your TV commercial!

Your TV commercial can promote your

upcoming CD Release Party!

For a limited time,

the cost for production of your television commercial is just $350.00!

The production cost includes:
- Voiceover narration
- Editing of the commercial
- Complimentary airings on Indie Music Channel television productions
- Assistance in getting your commercial placed with other TV stations
(NOTE: commercial airtime is additional and may be billed separately by the TV station)

Below are just some of the numerous

television commercials we have produced for artists:

This is an example of a TV commercial promoting an upcoming gig.  

With this type of commercial, you also get

3 free date & location updates so, if you are on tour, 

the same TV commercial can be re-edited to air in multiple cities!

Let's say you have one music video, but you want to promote some of your other songs, too. No problem!  We can create your TV commercial using your already existing music video,

and combine it with stock video footage! 

This artist wanted a TV commercial, but thought she couldn't have one because she didn't have a music video for any of her songs.
​If you don't have any music videos for your songs, no problem! 

You can still advertise your music on television!  This commercial is an example of how we can take your images and set your commercial in motion!