Thank you for your interest in donating music equipment to a singers and bands who were affected by the hurricane in Houston. Your donation will mean a lot to them!

Feel free to donate whatever music equipment you wish.  It doesn't have to be brand new,
it doesn't have to be in mint condition.  The only thing that we ask is that it works.  
Please do not donate anything that is broken or in need of repair in order to operate.  

Your donation will be made to the Matthew's Hope Foundation who can provide you with a receipt for the fair market value of your donation which can be tax-deductible in most cases.  Your donation will be made available, free of charge, to a local musician from the Houston area who was affected by the hurricane, on the day of the event.  

Remember, the item you wish to donate doesn't have to be in perfect condition.  We understand.  We just ask that the item you wish to donate functions and operates.  Thank you!

Please describe your donation below:

Items must be delivered to Firehouse Saloon on Wednesday September 13 no earlier than 12 noon and no later than 5pm. Items cannot be delivered prior to, or after, that date and time.

Items will be displayed for artists affected by the hurricane to receive at that time.   Any donated equipment that is left over will be received by Matthew's Hope Foundation, placed in storage and be offered for sale at a very nominal price, which will go towards the costs of the Foundation's outreach efforts.

Equipment Donation