It is hard enough being an independent artist.  

It is even harder when you are an independent artist who makes a living by making music,

only to lose everything that you use to make that living.

If you would like to donate music equipment 
​(i.e. guitars, amps, recording equipment, whatever it is),
​"click here".

5930 Southwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77057

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To be held

Wednesday September 13, 2017

From 12 Noon until...


Singers & bands of all genres, come out and jam!
Music soothes the soul, and all of the people of Houston need some time to just
hang out and forget about the hurricane and just enjoy themselves.

About Matthew's Hope Foundation​​

Financial Donation:

Corporate donors, especially music-related companies, we need you!  Please join the Indie Music Channel and many other music related companies by making a donation of instruments, equipment, etc.  We have numerous ways set up to make sure that the world knows about the donation you make to help the independent artists of Houston who are in need.  Many of the artists in need are your customers.  
​Here is a chance for you to help them replace what they have lost as a result of the hurricane.
Corporate donors, "click here".

If You Are A Local Artist In Need:

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Equipment Donation:

Artists who want to perform:

About Firehouse Saloon

If you are a singer or a band who wants to come and perform, "click here", fill out the form,

then load up your gear and come & jam!

About Indie Music Channel

We have all seen the effects of Hurricane Harvey on the citizens of Houston, Texas.  
We, as a music community, are also thinking about all of the local singers and bands in Houston 
who have lost their instruments, amps, recording equipment and more.

That's why the Indie Music Channel is hosting 
"United We Jam"
a day long music event to provide assistance to our brothers and sisters in the Houston music community.

There are several ways that YOU can be a part of this special event!

the legendary

If you just feel the desire to want to help in some way, "United We Jam" was established to benefit another worthy cause that we feel is very important - the opioid epidemic that is crippling our nation.  

Matthew's Hope Foundation, a Houston-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization assists those struggling with a drug addiction.  100% of all donations goes directly to Matthew's Hope Foundation.  Again, 100%!  
Your donation is tax-deductible and can be made directly to Matthew's Hope Foundation by "clicking here".

If you are a Houston-based singer or band who has personally suffered a loss of music equipment as a result of the hurricane, first of all we feel for you.  When our fellow brothers and sisters in the music world hurt, we all say "ouch". That's why we are here to try to help.
If you are a local artist who needs help as a result of the hurricane, "click here".

Corporate Donors:

Scheduled to perform:
Award winning artist DeDe Wedekind, IMC "Artist of the Year" Preston Smith, Kayla Outlaw
​and more!